August 10

Classroom Procedures

Ms. Noble’s Procedures

Entering the room

  • Enter quietly and have a seat.
  • Take out your materials, review and record the daily assignments.
  • Begin board work assignment, prepare for daily opening, or write TAIT.

When you are tardy

  • Enter quietly.
  • Place tardy slip on my desk
  • Have a seat and take out your materials.

Getting your attention

  • I will stand in front of the class and raise my hand.
  • Wait for everyone to be quiet.
  • Begin speaking.

Proper Heading:  The following heading should be in the top left corner of your paper inside the margin on every assignment:
Your Name
My Name
Subject (NOT Period)

Fast Finishers

  • Read assigned or Book Talk novel.
  • Begin tonight’s homework.
  • Work on any unfinished assignments from other classes.

After an Absence

  • Check the blog for lessons missed. (QR Code right inside classroom door)
  • Retrieve any applicable handouts from the Homework Notebook or Google Classroom.
  • Makeup tests will be made up the next day.

Moving Around the Room

  • You MUST ask permission.
  • Do not ask during a class discussion unless it is an emergency.