May 10

Romeo & Juliet Test

As a final parting gift to you, my wonderful Class of 2023, we will NOT be taking a test over Shakespeare’s play. Your English I education is now complete! I am proud of you and all of your hard work throughout the year, especially this 4th quarter!

I miss you all so much and hate that we missed out on March Madness! Enjoy your summer and come see me in the fall!

May 8

2020 Honors Summer Reading (updated)

Summer Reading Packets and/or Info Sheets may be picked up on your assigned day to turn in your Chromebooks.

Class of 2023:  Lord of the Flies and Death of a Salesman – It is highly recommended that you purchase your own copies of the summer reading books as you will need to annotate them.  Being able to highlight and write in the book will help you in your study of the material.  Both are available on Amazon.  Also, subscribe to Mrs. Shellhorse’s blog

Class of 2024:  The House on Mango Street and Raisin in the Sun; subscribe to this blog; If you need to check out a hard copy of the books, please email me.  We will have the books available ONLY for those who have requested them ahead of time.  Otherwise, you will be responsible for acquiring the books on your own.