November 12

SAT Vocabulary List 4 Retest

ALL Freshmen:  Vocabulary retest will be offered on Wednesday, November 14 at 7:20 a.m.  If you want to take this test be in my room prior to that time because the door will be locked at 7:20 a.m. to provide a quiet environment for those working to improve their grade.  I will not open the door to let in latecomers.  Be on time.

October 14

Lesson Plans: October 15 – 19

AP English I & English I

10/15:  Students will begin reviewing for their 9 Weeks Exam which will be given on Wednesday.  The review is in the Google Classroom.  SAT Vocabulary List 3 Exam is on Thursday.

10/16:  Students will continue reviewing for their exams.

10/17:  9 Weeks Exam

10/18:  SAT Vocabulary List 3 Exam

10/19:  NO SCHOOL

August 16

Lesson Plans: August 16-17

Pre-AP English I

Thursday:  Students will turn in their book of vignettes from the summer reading assignment, write and sign reading statements attesting to the number of pages they read, and complete sentence starters relating to their needs as a student and then discuss responses.

Friday:  Students will write a timed-essay over The Coffin Quilt.

English I

Thursday:  Students will work in groups to complete sentence starters relating to their needs as a student and then discuss responses.

Friday:  Students will join Remind and understand basic English department policies and procedures.  Students will, along with their parents, review and sign the WOHS English Department Policies.  DUE Tuesday, August 21st; Return Monday, August 20th for a free 100.

August 12

Supply List

Pre-AP English I & English I:  Students will need the following items:  pens (any color and red), pencils, highlighters, binder specifically for English, dividers, 2 composition books, 3×5 index cards, and notebook paper.

July 7

AP English Literature and Composition Summer Reading 2018

Class of 2019,

You are now seniors!! How exciting!! Cap and Gown pictures are coming up this month.  ACT/SAT tests have been taken and perhaps a retake is scheduled.  If you haven’t taken one of these tests already, it is time to sign up! Don’t put this off any longer.  College application deadlines are right around the corner.  UT Texas is December 1.  Early application deadlines are in September and October.  The summer months are nice and relaxing, but don’t let them waste away all your time.  Be productive as you look forward to the future! And what a bright future it is!!

For those of you taking AP English Lit, there is a summer reading assignment.  I have attached the packet to this post so you will be prepared for the first day of the school year.  You will need to read 1984 by George Orwell and Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw.

2018 Summer Reading Assignment AP Eng Lit

If you have any questions please email me or your new teacher, Pam Lattin.  [email protected]  I will be teaching the freshmen this school year! I plan to live up to the standard of your freshmen English teacher! Wish me luck and stop by and see me!

June 30

Donors Choose Project

I have submitted a project through Donors Choose.  You may help our classroom become an effective environment for collaboration and creativity.  Click the link below, enter the code RIPPLE for a matching donation up to $50 through July 7, and donate to our classroom!

Thank you so much for helping! Together, we can achieve more!