May 20

Summer Reading for Honors English I

There were summer reading packets available with Mrs. Velde the last few weeks of school.  This packet included the assignments and due dates for Honors English I.  Work is due the first day of school in August, and you will have a test on the second day of school. If you failed to pick up a packet or have misplaced yours, please send me an email ([email protected]).  I will be more than happy to meet you at the high school for you to get one.

May 9

Lesson Plans: May 9 – 13

Welcome to your last full week of your freshman year! While I’m ready for summer, I will truly miss seeing each of you everyday!

5/9  Romeo & Juliet  Students will read Act V

5/10  Romeo & Juliet  Students will review the play in preparation for the TEST tomorrrow

5/11  Romeo & Juliet  TEST

5/12  Scholastic Day Program and Review for Semester Exam

5/13  Last Day of School:  Review for Semester Exam

May 2

Lesson Plans: May 2 – 6

Honors English I & English I

5/2  Romeo & Juliet Students will read Act III Scenes 2 & 3

5/3  Algebra I End of Course Exam

5/4  Biology End of Course Exam; One Act Play performance

5/5  Romeo & Juliet Students will read Act III Scenes 4 & 5

5/6  Romeo & Juliet Students will read Act IV Scenes 1 – 5